GetIn Work has been possible through support of our different Partners

GetIN has partnered with UNFPA and MIT from the 2015 HACK-FOR-YOUTH competition in which 17 countries participated. In its Implementation/Pilot phase GetIN has partnered with Ministry of Health Uganda under which all Midwives and Community Health Extension workers operate. We also partner with the District Local Governments of the roll out areas.

For four months, Team GetIN worked late into the night, feverishly coding and brainstorming, dedicated to achieving two main objectives: One, develop a mobile app that could revolutionize maternal care for young mothers throughout Uganda – and eventually, they hoped, the world.

And two, win First Prize in UNFPA’s Hack for Youth competition, which enlisted teams of young people from 17 countries in developing technology-based solutions to global adolescent sexual and reproductive health problems. 

In March 2016, during an awards event held at UNFPA’s New York headquarters, Team GetIN – made up of youth ages 20-26 and UNFPA Uganda staff – discovered that their hard work had paid off. And the moment their name was announced as the Hack for Youth winner, the team members, who were Skyping into the meeting, immediately erupted in boisterous celebration.

Then, almost as quickly, they got back to work, preparing to collect their prize: The funding to pilot their project on the ground in Uganda, with technical support from experts at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).